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Meet Kenia, the passionate owner behind Pink Freesia Creamery. After fulfilling her career as a dedicate teacher and a successful  stint in the corporate world. Kenia has embarked on a new adventure as an entrepreneur in the ice cream industry.


​But Kenia's journey with ice cream goes beyond just flavors and textures. Pink Freesia understand the power of ice cream bringing people together, evoking cherished memories, and create moments of pure delight.

Beyond their love for ice cream Kenia along side her husband Alex, values personal connections, they believe every interaction whether its sharing stories with customers or creating a connection within the community, adds a extra layer of sweetness to the ice cream experience. Through their warm demeanor, friendly conversation, and genuine care, Kenia and Alex has built loyal following of customers who eagerly anticipate the arrival of Pink Freesia Creamery. 

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